Foldable Travel Case

Accompany you and your bike to every corner of the world

Foldable Travel Case without disassembly handlebar

Lightweight Materials

The main body of the travel case is made of PP hollow plates, which is very lightweight and durable.

Reinforcement Through Straps

After you put the bike into the travel case, you can reinforce the case as a whole with straps, making the bike safer during transportation.

Bottom Universal Wheel

Equipped with 4 universal wheels at the bottom, it is easy to push and pull, and easy to operate.

Separate Packaging Of Wheelset

The wheelsset is individually packaged and fixed to avoid scratching each other.

Integrated Bike Stand

Equipped with a small bike stand at the bottom, after assembling the bike, it can be parked using the bike stand.
Please refer to the RideNow wooden bike stand for the styles.

Plastic Handle

The side of the travel case is equipped with plastic handles for easy pushing, pulling, and handling.

Our Materials

PP hollow board
nylon strap
Multilayer poplar eucalyptus board

Regular styles

COLOR: Black, White