bike wheelset balancer

Smooth Cruise Rejection Jitter

Ridenow pioneered bike wheelset balancer

Wide Compatibility

The Wheel Balancer adopts a rubber ring driven wheelset, which is compatible with wheels of various diameters. Adapt to rim brake, disc brake, quick release, and barrel shaft wheelsets.

High Accuracy Detection

The balancer is equipped with multiple high-precision sensors, which can accurately indicate the position (accurate to 0.5 °) and weight (accurate to 0.05g) of the wheelset imbalance.

Full CNC Processing

The host body is processed with high-quality 7075 aluminum alloy CNC, with exquisite workmanship and durability.

Excellent results

After balance testing and adjustment, the wheelset can operate without any shaking at 120km/h, greatly improving bicycle safety and riding experience.



7075 aluminum

Parameter Table

Operation mode: Main equipment connects to PC through USB
Return rate: 200hz
Bandwidth: 98hz
Baud rate: 921600bps
Including: Main equipment, accessories, consumables, software
Weight: 19kg
Packaging size: 57 * 38 * 78cm
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