Company Introduction

about Ridenow

In 2017, RideNow was founded by a group of engineers who were obsessed with cycling and believed that bicycles could still make significant progress with the latest technology 200 years after their birth.
Today, RideNow has developed and manufactured over a dozen popular products worldwide, including bicycle wheel balancing machines, cycling platform shakers, cycling platform training tables, multifunctional parking racks, TPU ultra light inner tubes, and more. These seemingly unrelated products are all independently developed and manufactured by RideNow’s technology department. RideNow has always had the courage to try and challenge various technical challenges, striving to turn every exciting idea into a tangible reality.
The RidwNow factory is headquartered in Qingdao, China, and has branches and research and development centers in Dusseldorf, Germany and Shenyang, Liaoning. In order to continuously create disruptive new bicycle related products, RidwNow invests over 30% of its total profit in the exploration and development of innovative technologies every year, and always gives high attention and support to the research and development department. Sharp and rigorous new product research and development, as well as fast and efficient product iteration, have always been the goals pursued by RideNow. With a large amount of technical reserves, we have confidence to look forward to the future.
In addition to innovation, affordable pricing is another major feature of RideNow products. The company will continuously reduce product costs by updating production lines, optimizing supply chains, and other measures, and firmly feedback the results of cost control into product pricing. So you will be pleasantly surprised to find that during the period of significant increase in global raw material prices, RideNow’s product prices can continuously decrease.
Higher quality raw materials, more precise product design, better employee training, and more advanced automated production lines ensure better quality of RideNow’s products to meet your long-term expectations for us.


Bike Wheel Balancer
TPU Inner Tube
Rocker Plate
Indoor Training Table
Bike Stand
Bike Travel Case
Bicycle Wheelset Display Stand

Company Structure

Qingdao Head Office
Shenyang Branch R&D Center
Dusseldorf Office