Rocker plate

Breaking the constraints and riding freely

Get rid of boring indoor training

Simulate the real outdoor cycling experience

The rocker plate is the earliest product series developed by RideNow, and after multiple iterations and upgrades, it has developed very mature and stable. The rocker plate can be used in conjunction with a cycling platform for indoor cycling training. It will naturally swing left and right according to the driver’s stepping and power generation methods. This swing simulates the actual riding state on the road, and it will give the driver the same sense of freedom as riding on the road.

Shake the bike and sprint with all your might

The RideNow rocker plate provides a rocking range of up to 13 degrees, and through the combined force of damping rubber and elastic balls, it provides a real rocking experience for drivers, allowing you to freely switch between sitting and rocking workshops, improving the power output of climbing and sprinting, and making you feel like a tiger in online cycling races.

Double layer style

Can swing freely left and right

Three layer style

The three-layer rocker plate not only provides left and right swinging and rocking simulation, but also provides movement space of 200mm in front and back. The forward and backward movement space significantly enhances the realism of indoor cycling, and the driver will no longer feel any constraints in situations such as sudden high-power stepping or excessive force causing the body to lean forward.


Our Materials

All rocker plates are E0 grade (with formaldehyde emissions below 0.05mg/m ³) Multilayer poplar eucalyptus board production, safe and odorless, even for families with children can use it with confidence.

Regular styles

COLOR: Light wood grain, Deep wood grain , Black
Style: Double layer style, Three layer style